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When and how can quantum computing be effectively applied to solve real-world problems and enhance business operations?
What policies should I implement in my organization to prepare it for the quantum revolution? Is now the right time?

The goal of the Quantum Computing Hub event is to answer these questions bringing together a diverse range of individuals, including experts from both private and public sectors, alongside those who are less familiar with the field but are keen to explore the frontier of innovation in Quantum Computing.
The event will be hosted at The Social Hub in Florence on May 22nd 2024, featuring both an afternoon and an evening sessions.

The afternoon session, from 14:00 to 18:00, will offer practical hands-on workshops guided by field experts, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with Quantum Computing technologies.

The evening session, from 18:30 to 21:00, will feature a series of talks by invited speakers, showcasing the potential applications of Quantum Computing in the private sector. Topics will include current applications as well as near future prospects.

Registrations are now open for both the workshop and the evening session. Please note that the workshops have a very limited number of seats.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Venue Details

The Social Hub Florence Lavagnigni

Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 70-72, Florence, Italy

The Social Hub is a reality that brings together travellers, students and locals to stay, study, work and have fun. With urban structures specially built in historic buildings reconverted or created from scratch, it was the first model of hybrid hospitality, welcoming thousands of people with different needs into its diversified and flexible spaces

Keynote Speakers

(To Be Announced)
Dr. Jane Doe

Carina Stöttner

Co-founder and Managing Director of Themis Foresight

She is the managing director at Themis Foresight - the business think tank specializes in corporate foresight - it addresses possible, plausible and desirable futures and advises executives of family businesses, hidden champions and corporations in Europe on questions of the future.

Gabriele Agliardi

Gabriele Agliardi

Quantum Computational Scientist at IBM

After a 10-year career in IBM Consulting and a PhD in Quantum Computing at the Politecnico di Milano, he is now an applied researcher for IBM, focusing on industrial optimization problems, and working with partners and clients in the IBM Quantum Network

Leonardo Banchi

Leonardo Banchi

Quantum Computing Professor at University of Florence

His main research interests are quantum algorithms for simulating quantum many-particle systems with either quantum computers or tensor network methods, quantum cryptography and sensing.
Dr. Jane Doe

Marco Castoldi

Senior Project Manager & IT Governance Specialist Generali Investments Holding

Marco Castoldi moderates the Quantum Computing Community for the Investments Area of the Generali Group, focusing on the change management and IT implications Quantum will bring. Marco works in IT Governance and System Integration. Before Generali, he was a technology consultant for major consulting firms.

Manfred Rieck

Manfred Rieck


Manfred set the course for Deutsche Bahn on quantum in 2019. His group concentrates on the industrial usage of quantum computers for optimization problems and on the security aspects of quantum cryptography (PQC, QKD). He is the founder of the Federal Quantum Alliance, member of the Governance Board of the European Quantum Industry Consortium QuIC, part of the Board of Directors of Bitkom group HPC & QC and in the Research Committee for quantum of Münchner Kreis.

Lorenzo Buffoni

Lorenzo Buffoni

Researcher on Quantum Computing and Quantum Thermodynamics at the University of Florence

His main research focuses on the study and application of near term quantum computers as thermodynamical machines and as optimisers. He's also interested in Machine Learning applications to Physics both in the quantum and classical realm.

Leonardo Giagnoni

Leonardo Giagnoni

Managing Partner & Investor at Eden Ventures

Tech enthusiast investing in early stage talents. Curious by nature, he's a VC investor focused on deep tech technologies and strongly believer in the network-powered approach; connecting the dots speeds up the road to success.

Mattia Fiorentini

Mattia Fiorentini

Director of Quantum Applications at Rigetti Computing

Mattia has spent several years developing high-impact applications of near-term quantum computers, focusing on machine learning, optimisation and simulation problems. His activities led to the publishing of peer-reviewed research on quantum algorithms, issuing of patent for applied problems, and several high-calibre collaborations with industry leaders in the Finance, Logistics and Transportation, Energy and Pharma sectors. He has direct experience with several quantum computing hardware modalities. Currently, he is focusing on improving the real-world performance of superconducting quantum computers to unlock near-term competitive advantage.


(To Be Announced)

Workshop: Quantum annealers, an hands-on approach.

Lorenzo Buffoni

14:00 AM - 15:45 PM

In this workshop we will introduce the fundamentals of Quantum Annealing, its theoretical foundations, why and when to use it in our optimization pipeline. We will then move to programming a D-Wave Quantum Annealer trough the Leap cloud service in order to gauge the real capabilities of a state-of-the-art machine on some examples. A basic knowledge of Python is required.

Workshop: Hands on Quantum Machine Learning

Leonardo Banchi

16:00 AM - 17:45 PM

I will show with interactive examples how to perform simple machine learning tasks using nowadays quantum computers. I will show how to program them using known languages (python), and discuss some challenges and use cases.

Opening evening session

Milo Abolaffio

18:30 AM - 18:40 PM

A brief introduction, where Milo Abolaffio will greet the guests and introduce our speakers.

Building Communities – Our Journey to Surf the Quantum Wave

Marco Castoldi

18:40 PM - 19:00 PM

In the realm of quantum technologies, we're utterly convinced of its disruptive might. Yet, the path to full-stack readiness for full-circle corporate problem-solving is still shrouded in uncertainty. We will share our experience and a proposed organizational approach for being ready to surf the Quantum wave.

The Quantum Race: can Europe be a leader?

Carina Stöttner

19:00 PM - 19:15 PM

In her keynote, the futures researcher Carina Stöttner emphasizes why a European vision for quantum technologies is essential and key for the transformation of the European economy. In the keynote, she addresses specific application areas of quantum computing, like material sciences, pharma or transportation and also underscores the relevance of quantum technologies for environmental and energy issues.

The Quantum Utility Era: IBM roadmap towards the quantum world

Gabriele Agliardi (remote)

19:15 PM - 19:30 PM

Gabriele will share with us the IBM vision on the quantum world, and the latest news on qiskit, the open-source software development kit for working with quantum computers at the level of circuits, pulses, and algorithms.

Opportunities in quantum technologies: Learning, Sensing and Cryptography

Leonardo Banchi

19:30 PM - 19:55 PM

I will summarise how some unique properties of quantum mechanics can be used for practical applications. I will focus on the possibility of using quantum computers to enhance machine learning applications, on the use of quantum sensors to better 'learn' properties of the physical world, and finally on how to define communication protocols whose security can be guaranteed from the laws of nature.

The European quantum ecosystem

Manfred Rieck (remote)

20:00 PM - 20:15 PM

International competition situation on quantum computing, the industry perspective and the effects towards the cybersecurity measures which need to be implemented.


Trends and Actors in the Quantum VC market

Leonardo Giagnoni

20:15 PM - 20:30 PM

Trends and Actors in the Quantum VC market: an insider perspective.

Quantum hardware trends and applications: from NISQ to early fault tolerance

Mattia Fiorentini (remote)

20:30 PM - 20:45 PM

In the past 12 months, several quantum computing demonstrations achieved results that had seemed significantly out of grasp to current quantum hardware. These achievements benefited from both hardware and software improvements. In this talk, I will glance at some of the recent results that are the most significant for the quantum computing industry and highlight the enabling factors. I will also speculate on emerging trends that may be at the fulcrum of research and development efforts in the coming years.

Event Organizers

Daniele Barducci

Daniele Barducci

Researcher in theoretical physics

at University of Pisa.

Milo Abolaffio

Milo Abolaffio

Lead data scientist

quantum enthusiast

Cosimo Biliotti

Cosimo Biliotti

Innovation manager


Carina Stöttner

Co-founder and Managing Director

of Themis Foresight

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